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Ranking the best appetite suppressants of 2023

Written by John Davis

Last updated: October 21, 2022

Appetite suppressants are great if you need to tamp down on an aggressive appetite that’s preventing you from hitting your weight loss goals. By suppressing your body’s appetite, sticking to a diet is much easier.

But what ingredients actually work? Our researchers took a close look at all of the options on the market to find the top-performing appetite suppressants. Here’s what we came up with.

Why You Should Trust Us

    Our advisory panel and our research team rank the best health products and supplements based on performance, label accuracy, and the efficacy of the ingredients in the products.

At A Glance
our top picks for appetite suppressants
  1. Best Overall: LeanBean
  2. Zotrim
  3. Best For Men: PhenQ
  4. Powher
  5. For Intermittent Fasting: Genius Diet Pills


Last updated: October 21, 2022
Appetite suppressants considered: 28
Hours of research: 47
Experts reviewed: 7
Scientific papers referenced: 12

1. LeanBean
  • Specifically engineered for women
  • Designed to control diet
  • Accelerates metabolism
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2. Zotrim
  • 5 clinical trials
  • 10 expert- approved publication
  • Comes with patented formula
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3. PhenQ
  • All-in-one weight loss formulation
  • Targets multiple elements of the weight-loss process
  • 142.5 mg per serving
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4. Powher
  • Designed with more natural stimulants
  • Focuses on appetite suppression
  • Expands when it soaks up water
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5. Genius Diet Pills
  • Attacks cravings in your brain and body
  • All natural
  • Caffeine free
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6. Lean XT
  • Has three A-list extracts included
  • Green tea extract is the flagship ingredient
  • All natural
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7. 1 Body Saffron 8825
  • Pretty popular and effective appetite suppressant
  • All natural
  • Caffeine free
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8. Atrafen
  • Fat burning/appetite suppressing supplement
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
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9. Jacked Factory CUT-XT
  • Combination of saffron extract, 5-HTP, and vitamin B6
  • Lessen food cravings
  • Caffeine-free
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10. NutriRise Craving Control
  • Helps to control hunger cravings
  • The capsule is made of vegan and gluten-free cellulose
  • Supplement for men & women
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1. LeanBean

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LeanBean is the trendiest appetite suppressant for women, making it a morning ritual with professional bodybuilders and Instagram models.

LeanBean has a formula designed to control diet (suppressant) while accelerating metabolism as well. The result is faster weight loss allowing for increased fat burning all over the body. Vegan, all natural. They way we like it.

Each serving of Leanbean has an impressive lineup: garcinia cambogia, green tea, green coffee, turmeric, cayenne pepper, konjac, and chromium. 

The result: the most powerful natural appetite suppressant of 2023.  

And results like these from LeanBean users:

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2. Zotrim

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Zotrim has been on the market for over 15 years and is one of the most reputable appetite suppressant brands out there.

The main strengths behind Zotrim are the 5 clinical trials and 10 expert- approved publication in scientific journals confirming the product effectiveness.

Not only it has a bit of a name behind it for being around for so long, it comes with patented formula and clinical evidence showing Zotrim outperforming prescription drug trials making it one of the most potent appetite suppressant formula on the market.

Cut down on calories and super-charge your weight loss journey by taking Zotrim tablets next to a great tasting weight loss drink.

3. PhenQ

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PhenQ is an excellent appetite suppressant for two reasons: its packed with a ton of caffeine (it can also work as a good morning “energy booster” and it has some of the most unique ingredients found in appetite suppressants.

Although not targeted specifically for women like many appetite suppressants, their ingredients flat-out work.

Chromium Picolinate, an essential nutrient found in the product, helps the human body to control sugar and carb cravings.

Nopal, which comes from a fibrous cactus, helps you to gain control over your hunger cravings, thus making it easier to skip those unnecessary snacks at key points throughout the day.

But the most important thing is this suppressant flat-out works. A unique diversification, PhenQ makes our top three with flying colors.

4. Powher

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Powher is a brand-new premium appetite suppressant. It’s a premium option, but it’s definitely worth it.

The main focus is appetite suppression, and supporting ingredients will boost your metabolism and your energy levels. 

The appetite suppression is achieved with glucomannan – a soluble fiber extracted from the konjac plant – keeping you feeling full well into the afternoon and evening. 

5. Genius Diet Pills

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Genius Diet Pills are a one-two punch of saffron extract (at 88.25 mg per capsule) and the neurotransmitter precursor 5-HTP.

This combo attacks hunger cravings on two fronts: in your body and in your brain. 

6. Lean XT

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Lean XT has three A-list extracts included alongside black pepper extract to boost absorption and efficacy. Green tea extract is the flagship ingredient, along with forskolin and acetyl-L-carnitine, making it a simple and solid formulation.

7. 1 Body Saffron 8825

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1 Body’s Saffron 8825 provides a precise dose of saffron extract, which has long been used for its appetite suppressant properties. If a saffron-focused supplement is your priority, it’s a good choice. 

8. Atrafen

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Atrafen is a combination fat burning/appetite suppressing supplement that packs in a lot of different compounds into one pill. Green tea extract, African mango, and raspberry ketone are just a few highlights. 

9. Jacked Factory CUT-XT

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Jacked Factory CUT-XT Jacked Factory makes a craving control supplement with a trio of potent ingredients: saffron extract, 5-HTP, and vitamin B6. Though the choice of ingredients is solid, it gets edged out by some of its competitors on formulation, dosage, and purity.

10. NutriRise Craving Control

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NutriRise leans heavily on garcinia cambogia with this formulation to keep hunger cravings under control. While the HCA dosage is good, it’d be nice to see a broader range of effective ingredients

Category winners

Best overall appetite suppressant: Leanbean

Leanbean’s natural ingredients and potent ingredients make it extremely popular among athletes, but it’s a great pick for regular folks as well. Not only does Leanbean tamp down your appetite; it also revs up your body’s fat burning capabilities, helping you accelerate your weight loss.

Best appetite suppressant for women: Leanbean

Why is Leanbean so great for women? In short, the all-natural approach, without the aggressive stimulants you might find in traditional appetite suppressants. 

Best appetite suppressant for men: PhenQ

Men benefit from the higher dose of caffeine in PhenQ, as well as the niacin, L-carnitine, and capsicum—these ingredients all quell appetite while providing a boost of energy to sustain you through the day. Whether you get up early to work out, or whether you rush out the door to work, PhenQ can keep you going through the day.

Best appetite suppressant for weight loss: Lean XT

For losing weight, you want a combination of appetite suppression and thermogenesis. Lean XT’s use of effective thermogenics like green tea extract make it the best pick if you are looking to augment your appetite suppressant with fat-oxidizing capabilities. 

Best appetite suppressant for intermittent fasting: Genius Diet Pills

When doing intermittent fasting, your goal should be to extend the fat-burning state induced by your daily fasts for as long as possible. Genius’ combination of saffron and 5-HTP make it easy to extend your fasts longer by tamping down on the biological roots of your feelings of hunger.

Best appetite suppressant for older adults: 1 Body Saffron 8825

Older adults don’t handle appetite suppressants with stimulants as well as younger adults do, and older adults tend to benefit more from simple supplements with only a few active ingredients. That’s what makes 1 Body Saffron 8825 a great pick: it has just one all-natural active ingredient.

Who should buy appetite suppressants?

Appetite suppressants are a subtype of weight loss supplements that specifically target cravings for food. As such, they are obviously great for people looking to lose weight, but a few specific categories of people are especially well-suited for these supplements: 

People who are physically active but who overeat. Exercise does a great job of burning calories, but if your appetite increases in lock-step with your activity levels, you’ll be spinning your wheels trying to lose weight. For these kinds of people, an appetite suppressant can tip the scales in your favor.

People who haven’t gotten the results they want with a thermogenic. Thermogenics are another category of weight loss supplement that target fat loss by increasing your metabolism. If you’ve tried these and haven’t gotten good results, you might benefit instead from a weight loss supplement that targets food intake instead of energy expenditure.

People looking to drop weight as quickly as possible. Is it possible to lose weight without an appetite suppressant? Sure. But for athletes on a cutting diet or regular people who are looking for rapid results, an appetite suppressant might accelerate the process, which is great if you need to shed pounds in a short amount of time.

How we ranked

From the wide range of appetite suppressants available on the market, we gathered detailed information on the top-selling, most popular, and most highly-regarded supplements from the major manufacturers, as well as smaller but high-quality manufacturers like Genius Brand and LeanBean.

Then, from our list of dozens of products, we started to narrow the field with the following criteria:

Powerful active ingredients, not just fiber. First off, we eliminated products that only used compounds like psyllium husk and glucomannan as their primary ingredients.

While there’s nothing wrong with these supplements for their intended purpose (i.e. increasing your fiber intake), we were looking for something more powerful than just a source of dietary fiber for suppressing appetite.

If you do want to seriously reduce your hunger cravings, you’ll likely need something a little more potent.

Sticking with safe, all-natural ingredients. We favored products that used safe and natural weight loss compounds over those laden with synthetic compounds, and we ditched anything with ingredients that have been associated with hazardous side effects, like synephrine.

From here, we sought out products that had the most effective compounds for appetite suppression. This included mainstays like green tea extract and white kidney bean extract, as well as more specialized compounds like saffron and cayenne pepper.

Compounds that attack the source of hunger cravings. Products like Genius Diet Pills ranked highly because they included the neurotransmitter 5-HTP, which showed us that the supplement designers for these brands have an acute awareness of the link between appetite, hormones, and neurotransmitters in the brain.

It’s no accident that mood crashes go hand-in-hand with food binges—there’s an intimate connection between compounds that regulate mood, like 5-HTP, and your perception of hunger and appetite.

Ingredient synergy. We also kept an eye out for synergistic designs that allow disparate ingredients to work together to suppress appetite, like the combination of green tea extract and green coffee bean extract employed by LeanBean, our top pick.

While the green coffee bean extract contains some caffeine, the theanine content of green tea extract works to enhance the appetite suppressant effects while blunting any negative effects from caffeine.


Q: What are appetite suppressants?

A: Appetite suppressants are supplements that modulate your body’s desire for food.

An appetite suppressant modulates your body’s hormonal levels, and hopefully brings your desire for food more in balance with your actual energy expenditure. In this way, they can be especially helpful weight loss supplements for some people.

Q: How do appetite suppressants work?

A: Most appetite suppressants work by modulating hormone levels and how they respond to food.

(5-HTP, for example, falls in this category).

Simpler ingredients, like fiber, psyllium husk, and glucomannan, work by directly adding fiber bulk to your stomach, which triggers a hormonal response indicating satiety (i.e. the feeling of “fullness” after a large meal).

Q: What are some natural appetite suppressants?

A: There are several natural sources of appetite suppressing compounds which are both safe and effective. Green tea extract, green coffee bean extract, glucomannan, and yerba mate are all excellent examples of natural sources of appetite-suppressing compounds.

While some of these natural plant extracts contain caffeine, they are far more effective at suppressing appetite than caffeine alone, thanks to the synergistic action between caffeine and other natural compounds, such as theanine.

Q: What are the strongest appetite suppressants?

A: The strongest appetite suppressants are usually those that have the most potent impact on hormone levels.

While saffron is usually thought of as a natural remedy for depression, scientific research supports its ability to act as a potent appetite suppressant thanks to its interaction with hormones in your brain.

For the same reason, the neurotransmitter 5-HTP also has the potential for powerful appetite suppression.

Q: How often do you have to take appetite suppressants?

A: Usually taking an appetite suppressant two to three times per day is sufficient to see a significant decrease in appetite and caloric intake.

Taking appetite suppressants more often than this is not likely to result in better results. If taking an appetite suppressant two to three times per day is not getting you the results you want, you may need to try a more targeted weight loss supplement, like thermogenic, or look to other areas of your life, like your exercise habits, to increase your energy expenditure.

Q: How long do appetite suppressants take to work?

A: In terms of their short term effects (i.e. reducing feelings of hunger and food cravings), appetite suppressants can take 20-60 minutes before they have a noticeable impact on hunger hormone levels.

You shouldn’t expect an appetite suppressant to completely obliterate any feelings of hunger or desire for food—you’ll just desire less food, and when you do eat, you hopefully will not eat as much.

In the long term, when it comes to inducing weight loss, the effects of appetite suppressants may be slower than some of the heavier-hitting weight loss compounds, such as thermogenics, but within several weeks you should start seeing noticeable effects.

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When it comes to losing weight and improving health, an appetite suppressant can be one more tool in your arsenal.

The right appetite suppressing supplement can help you control your food cravings so your weight loss plan is more effective in the long term.

It’s a lot easier to control your food intake when your brain isn’t craving more and more food every step of the way.

For BodyNutrition’s #1 appetite suppressant recommendation, click here.


John Davis

John Davis is a Minneapolis-based health and fitness writer with over 7 years of experience researching the science of high performance athletics, long-term health, nutrition, and wellness. As a trained scientist, he digs deep into the medical, nutritional, and epidemiological literature to uncover the keys to healthy living through better nutrition.