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Ranking the best moringa powder of 2023

Written by John Davis

Last updated: April 11, 2023

Moringa powder is an herbal extract from the moringa oleifera plant that’s used as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory supplement.

It’s long been used in herbal medicine, but modern scientific research has begun to reveal its potential applications as a supplement to improve specific markers of health such as cholesterol levels and blood glucose levels.

Looking for the best moringa powder to add to your morning smoothie, tea, or protein shake? Our research team has reviewed and ranked the ten highest-quality moringa powders. Read on for our reviews.


Last updated: April 10, 2023
Moringa supplements considered: 25
Hours of research: 44
Experts reviewed: 8
Scientific papers referenced: 35

1. Zen Principle Moringa Leaf Powder

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Zen Principle Moringa Leaf Powder is an excellent option for bulk users. It comes in a one-pound resealable foil bag, and is organically grown, meaning you don’t have to worry about any synthetic pesticides or herbicides.

It’s nutrient-dense and easily blends into shakes and smoothies. While occasional users might want to opt for something smaller, it’s the best choice if you take moringa powder every day.

2. Terrasoul Superfoods Moringa Leaf Powder

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Terrasoul Superfoods Moringa Leaf Powder is known for its exceptionally pure and effective powder-form supplements, and its moringa powder definitely lives up to this reputation.

This twelve ounce resealable bag of organically grown moringa leaf powder is nutrient-dense and finely powdered, so it’s easy to blend into shakes and smoothies. For people who don’t need a full one-pound bulk bag, it’s a great option.

3. Organic Spice Resource Moringa Leaf Powder

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Organic Spice Resource, as the name suggests, is an organically certified moringa leaf powder that’s powdered to an extra-fine texture, making it incredibly easy to blend into a shake or smoothie.

A very good pick for a moringa powder to add to your morning smoothie: the high dosage and high purity means a high quality product. 

4. MAJU Superfoods Moringa Powder

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MAJU Superfoods Moringa Powder is a certified organic moringa powder that comes in a six-ounce tub.

The container has a wide mouth, making it easy to measure out scoops for adding to shakes, smoothies, or even tea. It’s a great pick thanks to its purity, simplicity, and organic certification.

5. Micro Ingredients Organic Moringa Leaf Powder

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Micro Ingredients Organic Moringa Leaf Powder should be your go-to option if you are looking for a high-quality bulk-sized moringa powder supplement.

This supplement comes in a two pound resealable bag that’s well-suited for heavy users. Obviously, people who only use moringa powder occasionally will want something in a more manageable size, but when it comes to bulk buyers, Micro Ingredients is a standout choice.

6. Feel Good Organics Moringa Leaf Powder

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Feel Good Organics Moringa Leaf Powder comes in a plastic one-pound pouch that’s certified organic and grown in India, where the plant is natively found.

Users love the energy boost it adds to their morning routine, and the one pound size makes it well suited for people who go through a lot of moringa powder on a regular basis.

7. OMG! Superfoods Organic Moringa Leaf Powder

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OMG! Superfoods Organic Moringa Leaf Powder is an organically certified moringa powder that’s grown in India. It comes in a small seven ounce canister, so while it won’t’ last long for regular users, it’s a great option for people who only occasionally use moringa powder but still want a high-quality moringa leaf powder.

8. Svatv Moringa Powder

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Svatv Moringa Powder comes in a resealable eight ounce bag that’s a good solution for occasional users.

Like other high-quality moringa powder supplements, it’s certified organic and has zero extraneous ingredients. The only downside is that with the smaller size, the resealable bag is less attractive as a packaging option—it’s easier to knock over and spill when it’s open, because there isn’t a whole lot of weight in the bag.

9. Incept Morgina

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Incept makes a pretty basic moringa powder that’s sourced from India and comes in a bulk-sized one pound bag. It’s a serviceable moringa supplement, but it doesn’t rate as highly as some of its competitors because it’s missing perks like organic certification and easy to use packaging.

10. Fresh Healthcare Pure Premium Moringa

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Fresh Healthcare Pure Premium Moringa is a moringa powder that comes in capsule form. It’s a good option for people who don’t like the taste of moringa powder, even when it’s mixed into other beverages like a shake or a smoothie.

The downside, as with all capsule-based versions of moringa powder, is that you don’t get to choose the precise dosage that you want.

Category winners

Best moringa powder overall: Zen Principle Moringa Leaf Powder

Organically certified, non-GMO, and packaged in an easy to use resealable bag—what more do you want from a moringa powder supplement? Zen Principle has it all, making it our top overall recommendation. 

Best moringa powder for metabolic health: Terrasoul Superfoods Moringa Leaf Powder

Moringa powder is increasingly popular for controlling blood sugar, thanks to research linking moringa use to lower blood sugar levels. Terrasoul’s high-quality organic moringa is a great pick for moderate daily doses of moringa to control metabolic function. 

Best moringa powder for heart health: Organic Spice Resource Moringa Leaf Powder

Moringa’s antioxidant capabilities make it a strong candidate for heart health, and Organic Spice Resource does a great job of protecting moringa’s antioxidant molecules from sunlight and oxygen. On top of that, the powder is ultra-fine, making it a cinch to mix into solutions of all kinds. 

Best moringa powder for weight loss: Zen Principle Moringa Leaf Powder

If your weight loss strategy incorporates moringa as part of meal replacement shakes or protein shakes, you’re going to need a large volume of moringa powder. Zen Principle has you covered, with a one-pound bag that’s super finely powdered to make mixing into solutions incredibly easy.

Best moringa powder for inflammation: Zen Principle Moringa Leaf Powder

Zen Principle’s moringa powder is certified organic and comes in a foil bag that keeps out oxygen and sunlight, which can degrade the natural anti-inflammatory compounds found in moringa. It’s your best bet for harnessing the anti-inflammatory power of moringa powder. 

Best moringa powder for moringa tea: Terrasoul Superfoods Moringa Leaf Powder

Making moringa tea? All you need is hot water, a bit of honey or another natural sweetener, and a certified organic moringa powder supplement. Terrasoul Superfoods Moringa Leaf Powder is perfect for the task. 

Who should buy moringa powder?

Moringa is one of the most exciting new antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antidiabetic herbal supplements out there. People most interested in moringa likely fall into one or more of the following categories.

People who want to increase their intake of powerful antioxidants for long-term health. Like many other popular plant extracts, such as acai berry and resveratrol, moringa has potent free radical scavenging abilities.

Moringa goes after chemical agents that cause oxidative damage and inflammation, which may explain why moringa shows promise as a way to reduce several potential risk factors for chronic diseases like heart disease.

People who want a supplement that could improve glucose control. Many medical researchers are even more excited by the fact that moringa appears to contain compounds that can ameliorate the negative effects of type two diabetes.

While much of the evidence is preliminary, moringa may help you get better control over your blood sugar.

Men who want to reduce stress-induced sexual dysfunction. Unlike many of the other antioxidant supplements out there, moringa has shown some promise as a way to boost testosterone and improve sexual function in males.

Moringa might be of particular interest to men who think their sexual performance problems can be traced to stress, because of animal research showing that stress-induced sexual dysfunction can be treated using moringa oleifera supplementation.

How we ranked

To rank the options on the market for moringa, we gathered all moringa-containing products, then culled the field only to include the very best. Here’s how:

Focus on moringa powder only. Products that contained moringa alongside other biologically active compounds (for example, as a part of a broader antioxidant formulation) were eliminated from consideration.

Why? Our reasoning was that, because moringa is so new and so understudied, users should focus on getting the biological effects out of the active ingredients in moringa alone.

Bulk powder beats capsules for taking moringa. At this point, we had narrowed the field to many powder-based and capsule-based moringa products.

Both powder and capsule-form supplements have their own strengths, but in almost all cases for moringa, the benefits of bulk powders outweighed the benefits of capsules.

Only one capsule-based product made it through to our final rankings: dosing with moringa capsules is more of a pain, because the absolute amount of moringa powder usually prescribed in studies (two to four grams per day) ends up being quite a lot of capsules to take all at once.

Organic and non-GMO moringa sourcing as an indicator of quality. Within the remaining products, we prioritized moringa powders that were grown organically and that had a non-GMO certification. 

With these products, we can be more certain that the manufacturers really care about the main ingredient in their supplement.

Effective and easy to use packaging. We also evaluated the packaging: bulk powders are easiest to use in well-designed resealable foil bags or tubs; poorly designed packaging can make a real mess, and substantially impact the antioxidant capabilities of the moringa powder if they don’t keep oxygen out after being resealed.

After sorting these remaining products by purity, quality of packaging, and ease of use, we had our final rankings of the top moringa products on the market.


Q: Does moringa help you lose weight?

A: So far, moringa powder has not been heavily researched as a natural weight loss supplement. It does not appear to function directly as a fat burner, thermogenic, or appetite suppressant.

However, it does show some potential as a way to alleviate some of the negative effects of being overweight. Moringa might reduce blood lipid levels and help control some of the consequences of type two diabetes—both of these undesirable outcomes are linked to being overweight or obese.

So, while moringa might not help you lose weight directly, it does show some potential for helping with the consequences of being overweight. It’s still best to strive to lose weight by way of a weight loss program or other diet and lifestyle change.

Q: Does moringa help sexually?

A: Research on rats suggests that moringa could be a useful way for men to improve their sexual performance. Moringa supplementation, in lab research on animals, has been found to improve sexual function, increase libido, and even boost testosterone.

Moringa appears to be an effective way to reduce the negative effects of stress on male sexual dysfunction. Probably due to the high levels of oxidation that are generated during periods of high stress, men’s sexual performance and libido suffers during prolonged times of high stress.

Q: What does moringa do for cholesterol?

A: Research in lab rats has found that moringa may be able to lower cholesterol levels, which should decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease.

This should not be surprising given the antioxidant properties of moringa. Other antioxidants are often used as agents to reduce blood lipids and/or cholesterol levels, because these biomarkers of heart disease appear connected to your body’s levels of systemic inflammation.

Taking advantage of the antioxidant powers of moringa appears to help lower cholesterol, at least in lab rats in controlled experiments.

Q: What does moringa taste like?

A: Moringa has a sharp, grassy taste to it, which has been compared to matcha tea, spirulina, or blue-green algae. While some people do like this taste, more often, people mask it by mixing it into smoothies, green drinks, or protein shakes.

If you are taking a low dose of moringa powder, you can just take capsules and avoid the taste issue completely. However, if you are trying out a higher dose protocol, you’ll need to figure out a way to make the taste acceptable.

Some people even incorporate moringa powder into baked goods in an effort to more creatively distribute their daily dose of moringa.

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While the nutritional benefits of moringa oleifera may be most important to people in developing countries where essential nutrients are missing from typical diets, the medicinal qualities have potential for treating certain modern disorders.

Ongoing research will reveal more about the effects of including moringa oleifera as a food or supplement; various online sellers provide products in supplement form, and it’s also possible to buy dried leaves that can be reconstituted.

Moringa oleifera is a good source of micronutrients, including antioxidants that can help reduce oxidative stress; adding it to your health plan may also result in improvement of various markers like chronic inflammation and high cholesterol readings, and potentially lead to a reduction in risk factors for heart disease and diabetes.

For BodyNutrition‘s #1 moringa powder recommendation, click here.


John Davis