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Ranking the best green coffee bean extract supplements of 2021

Written by John Davis

Last updated: January 28, 2021

Green coffee bean extract has been one of the hottest weight loss supplements since it can boost your metabolism and help you burn more fat.

Here’s what you need to know about the best green coffee bean extracts on the market.


1. VitaBalance Green Coffee Plus

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If you think your morning java gives you a great start to the day, imagine the boost you’ll get with VitaBalance Green Coffee Plus

This powerhouse supplement has been proven to melt the pounds away with no additional lifestyle changes. (Of course, you’ll get the best results if you eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly while you’re taking it.)

But that’s not all. It can also help you metabolize fat better while giving you a steady stream of energy. And it unlocks the power of antioxidants, so you get an overall health boost while you’re at it.

Don’t just take it from us. Authority Nutrition says, “Green coffee bean extract reduces the absorption of sugar (glucose), increases calorie and fat metabolism with possible modest benefits.”

Why does it work so well?

Green Coffee Plus contains 50% of the key weight loss compound chlorogenic acid — making it one of the purest forms of green coffee bean extract available anywhere — and 50% high-potency, natural green coffee bean extract. No other ingredients dilute this powerful combo.

100% natural. Made in an FDA registered facility that adheres to GMP guidelines.

Our all-around green coffee bean extract winner of 2021.

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2. NatureWise Green Coffee Bean Extract 800

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With thousands of Amazon reviews, it’s hard to ignore NatureWise. What are they doing right? The supplement delivers 800 mg of green coffee bean extract, which is in the range of typical doses given in research studies.

More importantly, NatureWise uses an independent third-party lab to verify the purity and dosage of its supplement. This can’t be overemphasized, given the problems that have plagued the supplement industry when it comes to dosage and purity. The capsules come in a vegetable cellulose capsule and include only rice bran as a filler. With a guarantee of purity and a solid dosage, it’s hard to find fault with NatureWise.

3. Sport Research SVETOL Green Coffee Bean Extract

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Finally, a company that takes a different tack with green coffee bean extract. This supplement comes in a gelatin capsule (sorry, vegans!) and provides a detailed breakdown of the chemical constituents of the 400 mg green coffee bean extract dose, listing the percentage contents of each active ingredient. 

The capsule also provides 800 mg of coconut oil, probably to jump-start your fat metabolism. The MCT oils in coconut oil are a great supplement in their own right; it’s just a matter of whether it’s enough to substantially change your metabolism is up in the air. Though it is more expensive, likely on account of the more scientific precision applied to the ingredients, it’s a very solid choice.

4. BulkSupplements Pure Green Coffee Bean Powder

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For the real do-it-yourselfer, you can make and mix up your own green coffee bean extract from BulkSupplements’ bag of loose powder. This is not for everyone, though: given that green coffee bean extract is a potentially potent metabolism booster, you need a scale with milligram precision to measure out accurate doses. 

BulkSupplements makes fantastic products; the downside is always the challenges of measuring doses yourself. In the case of green coffee bean extract, eyeballing it with a scoop just isn’t an option. If you’ve got the right scale, go for it; otherwise, let the pros do the work.

5. Micro Ingredients Green Coffee Bean Extract

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Mixing up your own supplements, or adding herbal compounds to a protein shake, smoothie, or meal replacement shake? Micro Ingredients is a great source of powder-form green coffee bean extract.

This resealable bag has enough green coffee bean extract for over 100 standard doses, meaning it will last even heavy users a long time.

6. aSquared Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Extract

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aSquared Nutritin’s green coffee bean product tries to capitalize on your pragmatic consumer sensibilities. In terms of ingredients, it’s nothing special, but it is made in the United States, so you can expect higher manufacturing quality.

Unfortunately, aSquared hasn’t had their purity or dosage verified by an external lab, so you are still going by the honesty policy when it comes to the quality of the product.

7. DietWorks Green Coffee Bean Extract

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Though DietWorks provides a pretty standard green coffee bean extract, it falls short in a few key areas. The capsules seem unneccessarily bloated with extra ingredients and fillers, and the green coffee antioxidant (GCA) content is only standardized to 45% instead of the typical 50%. 

While five percent is not a big deal, it’s pennies on the dollar to get a supplement that’s got more bang for your buck. It is fairly popular among the low-cost crowd, though.

8. Nature Berg Green Coffee Bean Extract

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Packaged in a vegetarian cellulose and stearate capsule with an 800 mg dosage, Nature Beg provides a solid green coffee bean extract supplement that includes green coffee antioxidants, or GCAs, as well. 

Kudos to Nature Berg for actually disclosing the caffeine content of their supplement; not all manufacturers do this. The biggest drawback might be the lack of popularity: with a general lack of reviews, it’s hard to take Nature Berg too seriously.

9. Evolved Advantage Green Coffee Bean Extract

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Evolved Advantage has a pretty typical dosage and mechanism of delivery—800 mg of green coffee bean extract in each capsule, and only a few stabilizers other than that. It’s a fine product, but doesn’t do much to distinguish itself from the competition.

10. Purely Inspired Green Coffee Bean

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Purely Inspired uses a smaller tablet form of green coffee bean extract, which is nice if you are looking to control your dosage a little more tightly. However, one downside to this approach is that you are getting a lot more binders, stabilizers, and fillers in the final product.

Category winners

Best green coffee bean extract overall: VitaBalance Green Coffee Plus

With a solid dose of standardized green coffee bean extract, VitaBalance Green Coffee Plus is our top overall pick thanks to its purity and high-quality ingredient sourcing. For fat burning and appetite control, there’s no better option out there.

Best green coffee bean extract for weight loss: VitaBalance Green Coffee Plus

Since weight loss is achieved through a combination of burning more calories and consuming fewer calories, should it be any surprise that VitaBalance is our recommendation? Its clean and effective supplement design is well-suited for upregulating fat burning and downregulating hunger.

Best green coffee bean extract for rapid weight loss: NatureWise Green Coffee Bean Extract

Shedding pounds in a hurry? The high dosage of NatureWise Green Coffee Bean is well-suited for amping up your fat oxidation, helping you melt away pounds at a higher rate. 

Best green coffee bean extract for hunger cravings: Sports Research SVETOL Green Coffee Bean Extract

Go for Sports Research SVETOL Green Coffee Bean Extract. Its liquid softgel formulation helps it get absorbed quickly, which will help tamp down on hunger cravings as quickly as possible.

Best green coffee bean extract for women: VitaBalance Green Coffee Plus

The simple formulation and solid dosage of VitaBalance Green Coffee Plus is a great choice for women looking to lose weight—the fat oxidation properties of this green coffee bean extract can help jump start otherwise-sluggish metabolisms and promote weight loss.

Best green coffee bean extract for men: NatureWise Green Coffee Bean Extract

Men’s naturally higher muscle mass and testosterone levels can make it easier for them to lose weight, but it also means they’re less affected by lower-dose supplements. The high dose of NatureWise Green Coffee Bean Extract is the perfect fit for men for this reason.

Who should buy green coffee bean extract?

Green coffee bean extract is safe for most individuals looking to improve their energy and lose weight. It is also great for individuals looking to improve their focus and concentration. Pregnant women and children under the age of 18 should consult a doctor before supplementing with green coffee bean extract.

While no supplement can do the work for you, green coffee bean extract can help jump-start weight loss. It does so on two fronts: it helps increase your fat oxidation, and in turn your metabolism, and it also helps control your body’s appetite. Both of these mechanisms contribute to weight loss by lowering your caloric intake and raising your caloric expenditure.

How we ranked

When looking for green coffee bean extract supplements, we first looked at the quality of the ingredients. For purity’s sake, it was important for all of the products on our list contained chlorogenic acid standardized to 45%, like aSquared Nutrition. Ideally, we also wanted products containing Svetol, like Sports Research SVETOL, which is the clinically researched green coffee bean extract. 

Dosage was also important to consider, and we axed any product over 800mg per serving. Some brands may offer a lot more than 800mg, but this can not only be dangerous for some users (due to the high caffeine content), but it is also often filled with fillers. Science says that the best results are 3 doses of 500mg per day, so we ranked products like Vita Balance higher as a result. 

We also preferred products that were from non-GMO beans and manufactured in a GMP certified facility like Vita Balance. We also looked for products that were pure green coffee bean extracts like Bulk Supplements that avoided products that contained any fillers and artificial ingredients. Vegetarian capsules, like those found in Green Label, were preferred, but not a necessity to accommodate other lifestyle factors.


Chlorogenic acid is the active ingredient in green coffee bean extract thought to assist in weight loss. The supplement is among the most popular weight loss aids in today’s market.

According to a recent Gallup poll, more than half of Americans say they want to lose weight. (1)

No big surprise there, since nearly two-thirds of Americans are classified as overweight or obese, and carrying extra pounds is considered a leading public health problem in our country. (2)

You may well be one of those contributing to the annual outlay of $60 billion on weight loss products (3), which includes gym memberships, exercise equipment, supplements, and specialty foods.

We all want to get something for the money we spend, especially when it comes to weight loss aids that claim to help drop numbers on the scale.

Green coffee bean extract also contains caffeine, which boosts fat oxidation. Human studies confirm caffeine boosts metabolism, causing the body to burn more calories, so that’s a good place to start. (4)

Incorporating green coffee bean extract in your diet plan could boost the effectiveness of caffeine while adding other health benefits.

When coffee beans are roasted, the chlorogenic acid is lost (5, 6), whereas raw, green coffee beans are rich in the stuff.

Chlorogenic acid acts synergistically with caffeine. Chlorogenic acid takes coffee’s effect on metabolism to another level by inhibiting the absorption of carbohydrates in the digestive system. This mutes the body’s insulin response, which results in keeping blood sugar levels lower. (7)

In lab studies, mice and rats showed lower body weight, less absorption of dietary fat, less fat stored in the liver, and reductions in glucose absorption when exposed to chlorogenic acid in lab tests: (8, 9)

There’s no guarantee the substance has the same effect on humans, but other health benefits noted in animal studies included lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels (10), both of which are risk factors in developing cardiovascular disease.

Some initial research on green coffee bean extract in humans has been promising. A small randomized, controlled trial working with 30 overweight participants during a 12-week period showed promising results for supplements containing green coffee bean extract. (11)

One group drank coffee with 200 mg of green coffee bean extract added, while the other group drank regular coffee. No one was asked to make any changes in diet or exercise.

Those taking the extract dropped nearly 12 pounds, while the control group was down 3.7 pounds over the three months.

The control group experienced a reduction in body fat percentage of less than 1%, while the others measured a significant change at 3.6%.

A longer study of 22 weeks involved 16 overweight participants. In this group, two separate dosage levels of green coffee bean extract (1050 mg and 700 mg) were used, along with placebos. Subjects took a two-week break between changing dosage or, in some cases, taking a placebo. (12)

The largest amounts of weight loss occurred during the time periods when participants were taking green coffee bean extract.

The average reduction was just over 8 pounds, and body mass index measurements dropped enough to shift some participants from pre-obesity to normal ranges. Decreases in body fat averaged close to 5%.

Other studies have been conducted by companies who profit from the sales of green coffee bean extract, a common practice that should inspire caution when reviewing the results since the methodology isn’t as rigorous or standardized. (13, 14)

While longer studies with more participants will determine if green coffee bean extract can be a significant boon to anyone looking to drop extra pounds, chlorogenic acid may be in the running for improving health in other ways.

Green coffee bean extract may also boost antioxidant levels and help with glucose regulation. The substance possesses strong antioxidant properties and may have positive effects on blood vessel health. (15)

Subjects using 140 to 720 mg of green coffee bean extract in one study had lower blood pressure measurements, an important marker for heart health. (16, 17)

The muting effect of the chlorogenic acid on glucose absorption could be helpful in managing symptoms of diabetes.

Side effects

While the safety profile of green coffee bean extract is generally good. Respiratory reactions may occur in people with allergies. (18) If you know you’re sensitive to coffee, consider skipping the risk of using the extract.

When caffeine is consumed in large amounts, it can cause side effects like rapid heartbeat, nervousness, insomnia, and anxiety. Pregnant women and children shouldn’t use caffeine, including green coffee bean extract. (19)

Chlorogenic acid can exert a laxative effect in some individuals, causing diarrhea. Dosages of chlorogenic acid usually run between 120 and 300 mg, which translates to somewhere between 240 and 3000 mg of green coffee bean extract.


Does green coffee bean extract have caffeine in it? Yes, green coffee bean extract does contain small amounts of caffeine. 

How much caffeine does green coffee bean extract contain? Depending on the brand and serving size of the capsules or liquid, green coffee extract can contain about 20 to 50 milligrams per serving. This is about one quarter to one half of the amount of caffeine found in a regular cup of coffee. With that said, consuming green coffee extract capsules several times per day or in larger doses may result in higher caffeine consumption.

Is green coffee bean extract bad for your kidneys? There are currently no studies showing a connection between coffee bean extract and kidney health.

In fact, some studies conducted intentionally excluded possible study participants with known kidney diseases or malfunctioning in order to prevent potential health consequences upon supplementation.

Given the lack of research on the link between coffee bean extract and kidney health, you should probably avoid consuming this supplement if you have a pre-existing kidney condition until further research is done (20).

Does green coffee bean extract give you energy? One of the many benefits of green coffee bean extract is the energy boost it can provide from the naturally occurring caffeine. Consuming too much caffeine does have negative health consequences, and if you are searching for an energy boost, consume coffee bean extract in moderation and within the recommended dose.

Is green coffee bean extract a stimulant? Though coffee bean extract itself is not a stimulant, it does contain the stimulant caffeine. Each serving of coffee bean extract contains small levels of caffeine, which varies based on the serving size of the capsule (between 20 and 50 milligrams per capsule).

Any medical effects similar to those caused by stimulants after consuming coffee bean extract are a direct result of the amount of caffeine found in coffee beans and not the coffee beans themselves.

What are the benefits of green coffee bean extract? The most significant benefit coffee bean extract provides is in relation to metabolic syndrome.

Coffee bean extract can help with the reduction in body weight, body fat, BMI, blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, and waist circumference in obese individuals.

Additionally, some studies conclude that coffee extract provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits as well as energy-boosting effects from the caffeine. 

Can green coffee bean extract help with weight loss? When it comes to green coffee bean extract, the potential weight loss benefits are the most highly studied aspects of the substance.

Compared to a placebo group, one study discovered that supplementing with green coffee extract twice weekly for eight weeks can positively impact blood glucose levels, waist circumference, appetite, weight, and body mass index (BMI). This could prove effective for obese individuals looking to improve health, reduce body weight, and lower appetite (21).

How does green coffee bean extract help with weight loss? It is unclear what exactly causes the possible weight loss effects of using coffee bean extract, but it is important to note the proven connection between caffeine and weight loss.

One specific study noted that caffeine intake resulted in an average of 22% lower body weight, a 17% decrease in body mass index, and a 28% reduction in body fat in study participants.

Given this data, it is possible that the link between coffee bean extract and weight loss is due to the caffeine content of the supplement and not the coffee bean itself. However, scientists are still looking to research these claims for further evidence (22).

Is “coffee extract” the same thing as “coffee bean extract”? Yes, coffee extract, coffee bean extract, and green coffee extract are all describing the same type of product. In general, coffee bean extract is referencing the extract from green coffee beans.

What are the side effects of green coffee bean extract? Coffee bean extract has several side effects, most being connected to the naturally-occurring caffeine. Some of these side effects include insomnia, increased heart rate, and palpitations, anxiety, and gastrointestinal upset (nausea, vomiting, etc.).

When taken in moderation and within recommended doses, coffee bean extract should have very similar side effects to drinking coffee. If you experience these side effects as a result of drinking coffee regularly, you should expect the same results if you’re taking coffee bean extract supplements.

Does green coffee bean extract lower cholesterol? While not studied extensively, there may be a link to the reduction of LDL cholesterol and the consumption of green coffee bean extract.

In addition, coffee itself has been studied in connection to cholesterol levels, and some studies assert that drinking coffee may result in raised cholesterol levels. Unfortunately, there is no definite conclusion regarding the connection between cholesterol and coffee bean extract, as various studies have suggested opposing effects.

What is green coffee bean extract? Coffee bean extract, most commonly referred to as “green coffee extract,” is a product that comes from green coffee beans, which are simply unroasted coffee beans.

After being noted for its possible positive health effects, manufacturers began producing green coffee bean extract in the form of capsules or liquids. The supplements are often advertised as great tools to reduce appetite and promote further weight loss and have become extremely mainstream within recent years.

Can green coffee bean extract cause heart disease? There is no connection between coffee bean extract and heart disease. In fact, there’s some evidence suggesting that coffee bean extract may prove beneficial if you are at higher risk for developing heart disease.

Not only could coffee bean extract help to lower blood pressure after consuming, but it also is connected to lower blood sugar levels. Both of these factors can be extremely beneficial for those with heart disease or with a higher risk of developing heart disease and diabetes.

Does green coffee bean extract work? Among hundreds of studies conducted by scientists and medical professionals, a majority insinuate that supplementing with coffee bean extract can increase weight loss and reduce appetite in obese individuals.

Though there are several studies that back up these claims, a large number of studies were also unable to link coffee bean extract and weight loss positively. Coffee bean extract is becoming increasingly popular in those looking to improve their health and lose weight, but as of now, there are no confirmations that coffee bean extract does either of these things consistently.

Positive effects as a result of using green coffee bean extract could be dependent on the individual as well as their physical condition (23).

Is green coffee bean extract an appetite suppressant? One of the greatest effects of coffee bean extract on appetite is its ability to decrease appetite in users.

This is likely because coffee bean extract contains caffeine in it, which has been notoriously linked to suppressing appetite in its users.

Which is better, green tea or green coffee? Green tea is probably more beneficial between the two options. Like green coffee, green tea also includes caffeine, but the remainder of the effects of the substances are entirely different.

Green tea has been studied in-depth for several years and has been clinically proven to provide increased energy and brain functioning, increased burning of fat, reduced risk of developing cancer, improved brain health, and maintenance, decreased bacteria, and risk of infection and reduced blood sugar levels.

In general, green tea has scientifically proven health benefits that have been backed up by research and studies. Green coffee has not yet reached that level of popularity, which means the studies looking to determine the benefits and risks are extremely limited as of now.

What are green coffee beans? There is nothing entirely special about green coffee beans, as compared to other coffee beans.

These beans are just like regular coffee beans, but they are unroasted. With that said, green coffee bean extract comes directly from these unroasted coffee beans.

Where can you buy green coffee extract? Green coffee bean extract is available for purchase online and in many health food stores. Stores like Walmart and The Vitamin Shoppe offer these products both individually and in combination with other supplements and ingredients.

Most products associated with green coffee bean extract are in the form of capsules, though there are some liquids available on the market as well.

What does green coffee bean extract taste like? Since they often come in the form of capsules, there is a strong chance that you will never actually taste coffee bean extract.

However, if you are referring to green coffee itself, there is a different taste as compared to regular coffee. Many reports that green coffee tastes relatively similar to green tea and does not have a strong flavor.

Can you overdose on green coffee beans? Any chance of overdose associated with green coffee beans would have to do with the caffeine included in each bean.

One serving of green coffee contains about 20 milligrams of caffeine, which is about 20% of the caffeine found in regular coffee.

Therefore, to experience negative health consequences as a result of the caffeine in green coffee, you would have to drink a lot of green coffee. To reach the upper limit of what is considered safe for caffeine intake (400 milligrams), you would have to drink 20 servings of green coffee (or about four cups of regular coffee).

With that said, it would be nearly impossible to experience an overdose or toxic effect as a result of drinking green coffee unless you drank an extraordinary amount of the beverage within a short time period.

Why is green coffee bean extract so popular? The major reason that coffee bean extract has become popular is that mainstream doctors on television have begun building hype surrounding the product.

When a trusted medical professional advertises products that they claim provides astounding health benefits, the public tends to listen.

However, the claims made by these medical professionals can be misleading, and you should perform the necessary research to confirm whether or not these supplements would be ideal for you and your life.

Can green coffee bean extract affect the menstrual cycle? There are currently no reports connecting a women’s menstrual cycles to coffee bean extract.

However, this may be because there have been no studies conducted to determine a link between these two concepts. If there were concerns about coffee bean extract affecting the menstrual cycle, scientists would likely perform a study to come to a conclusion.

Where does green coffee bean extract come from? Green coffee bean extract typically comes from unroasted coffee beans, most commonly green coffee beans.

When creating the extract and putting the contents into capsules, concentrating the formula. It’s therefore much easier to consume one capsule of green coffee bean extract and reap the rewards than to consume one or more servings of actual green coffee in liquid form.

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The idea that weight loss success can be achieved with a supplement like green coffee bean extract is appealing, especially for those who haven’t reached their goals through dieting alone.

Since one of the strengths of chlorogenic acid is to reduce the effect of carbohydrates on blood sugar, many people might see this as a way to support weight loss efforts while still being able to eat refined carbohydrates and other foods high in sugar content, all of which spike insulin levels and contribute to fat storage.

Making changes in lifestyle is the only proven method for maintaining normal weight and improving overall health. For most people, this means cutting back or eliminating the foods that cause blood sugar problems and weight gain, replacing them with whole, nutritious choices, as well as engaging in regular exercise.

Instructions usually say to take one serving about half an hour before each of three meals daily. Use caution and start with a single dose daily if you’re the sensitive sort.

For BodyNutrition’s #1 Green Coffee Bean Extract recommendation, click here.


John Davis